Inspiring Young Musicians

From Tots to Teens

Calling all music loving parents

Is your little one a foot-stomping rhythm machine? Does your teen dream of shredding guitar solos? Sound Ambitions CIC is here to turn those tiny tunes into BIG musical dreams!

We’re not just your average music school. We’re a South Lanarkshire social enterprise passionate about enriching young lives through the magic of music. From tots barely taller than their instruments to teens rocking out like future superstars, we’ve got a program to unleash their inner musical genius. 

The Sound Ambitions Programme

Our programmes consist of fun, engaging and supportive musical adventures.

1:1 instrumental tuition

We pair your child with a passionate teacher who’ll tailor lessons to their interests and learning style. Whether it’s power chords on piano or guitar, they’ll be playing away and blowing minds in no time!

Early years classes

Let’s get your tiny superstars singing, wiggling and giggling! Our playful musical adventures spark creativity, build confidence, and make learning a blast. Think shakers, songs, and silly singalongs – all with a healthy dose of musical magic.

Girls Talk Girls Rock

We have a small but mighty team of experienced, passionate and engaging female musicians who are dedicated to supporting young women to reach for their musical goals and build a supportive  community with each other.

What we're all about

Sound Ambitions CIC is about more than just melodies.

Positive mental health

Music soothes the soul, builds resilience, and boosts confidence.

Personal development

We nurture creativity, discipline, and a love of learning. Watch your child blossom!

Emotional literacy

Music is a language for feelings, helping kids express themselves in healthy ways. ️

Social inclusion

Music unites us, creating a space where everyone belongs and shines.

We encourage children, young people and families to dream big!

Ready to unlock your child’s musical potential and watch their dreams take flight? Join the Sound Ambitions family! We’d love to welcome you at one of our classes.

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Partnering With Sound Ambitions

At Sound Ambitions, we believe music isn’t just a catchy tune – it’s a powerful force for good in our communities. That’s why we’re passionate about partnering with like-minded organizations in South Lanarkshire to make the magic of music accessible to everyone.